Quality of Life Projects

Quality of Life is achieved when everyone can attain optimal health.

The purpose of the 2022-2025 Charlotte County Minority Health Plan is to increase the quality of life within Charlotte County. To develop this plan, Healthy Charlotte and the Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County utilized a multi-sector engagement approach to analyze data and resources, coordinate existing efforts, and establish collaborative initiatives. This plan addresses social and economic barriers within Charlotte County. In the creation of this plan and review of health disparities data in Charlotte County, it was identified that mental health was a concern effecting the vulnerable and marginalized populations.

To address mental health, two community-based projects were created.


Project 1: A Call to Duty: Youth/Veteran Mentorship Program

The veterans of Charlotte County made an infinite commitment to serve this great nation. Often these military individuals are driven by serving. Many served as dedicated leaders, have made sacrifices most have never imagined, and most importantly, led lives with purpose. The program has a specific curriculum for the youth and veteran participants which will include activities that facilitate learning life skills such as relationship building, healthy choices, accessing community resources such as mental health, housing resources, etc., and more. For more information about the planning of the mentorship program, becoming a mentor, or becoming a mentee, please email HealthyCharlotte@flhealth.gov.

Finding meaning and hope together.


Project 2: Household Stability Initiative

Healthy Charlotte and DOH-Charlotte will support partners to identify youth housing data and the barriers that exist for the household, such as food insufficiency, transportation, safety, etc. Through coordinated efforts, root cause analysis, targeted outreach, and working directly with those impacted, there can be a greater impact on the community. Through this initiative, relationships with existing housing and household stability committees have been developed. To further the goals of partners, the Minority Health Plan will facilitate the collecting of data, design, and dissemination of marketing materials to provide outreach for at-risk youth in Charlotte County based on the needs of the community and partners.

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