Screen-Free Charlotte Challenge

Screen-Free Week 2018: April 30th - May 6th

Each week, American children spend more time in front of a screen than they do in school!

During Screen-Free Week, millions of children and adults pledge to spend seven days screen-free.

Instead of watching TV or playing video games, they read, play, think, create, get physically active, and spend more time with friends and family.

Please join us for Screen Free Week 2018!!

SFW 2018

Some fun challenges include:

The ‘You look, you pay’ Challenge:

When going out to eat with friends, put all phones and devices face down on the table. The first one to check their phone pays for everyone

The Step Challenge

Challenge your friends, coworkers, family to see who can get in the most steps. This can be done by using a pedometer or by racing each other around a set track or path.

 CHIP yoga


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